Boris Yakubchik

Boris Yakubchik

Creator of Video Hub App

Boris is a web developer working at Forbes. Video Hub App is a side-project created with Electron and Angular. $3.50 of every sale of this software is donated to the Against Malaria Foundation, a top-rated charity by GiveWell.

Why donate?

Against Malaria Foundation

Donations go to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) because it is a top-rated charity by GiveWell, an independent charity evaluator. Every $2 given to AMF protects two people from malaria for 3-4 years.

Boris has been giving at least 10% of his income to the most cost-effective charities (see GiveWell) since 2011. Sales from this software will provide additional donations to his favorite charity.

About AMF:

Focus on a program with excellent evidence of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.GiveWell
Processes for ensuring that nets reach their intended recipients and monitoring whether they remain in homes and in good condition over the long-term.GiveWell
Room for more funding – we believe AMF will be able to use additional funds to deliver additional nets.GiveWell
Transparency – AMF shares significant information about its work with us and we are able to closely follow and understand its work.GiveWell