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saki Feb 20, 2023
Please feel free to send feedback and feature requests. Busy year for me ahead but I will try to add more features.Sakin tarihi

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sabunta Jan 31, 2023

$3.50 daga kowane siye zuwa Against Malaria Foundation, wata babbar kyauta ce ta GiveWell.

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  • NKJ11: "babban mai gabatar da bidiyo"
  • Gigazine: "a sauƙaƙe sarrafa yawan finafinai"
  • Softpedia: "hanya mai sauri, mai salo don gudanar da abun cikin bidiyo akan kwamfutarka"
  • FindMySoft: "sarrafa tarin bidiyo ɗinka cikin yanayi mai kyau da inganci"

Duk labarai:

🎉Feb 20, 2023v3.2.0Fasali:
  • click on heart to mark video as favorite
  • newer version of screenshot extraction engine
  • sort by last-time-played
  • show bitrate in details
  • Mac menu bar improvements
  • remember options from last hub creation
  • many other small improvements
Gyaran bug:
  • dragging video outside of app does not cause error
  • magic search includes manual tags
  • some more minor bugfixes
Fifth anniversary release 🎉 If you purchased the app before, visit my.videohubapp.com
Jan 31, 20234,700th sayan app !rasit
Dec 16, 20224,600th sayan app !rasit
Oct 27, 20224,500th sayan app !rasit
Sep 18, 20224,400th sayan app !rasit
Aug 14, 20224,300th sayan app !rasit
Jun 25, 20224,200th sayan app !rasit
May 15, 20224,100th sayan app !rasit
Apr 30, 20224,000th sayan app !rasit
Feb 20, 20223,900th sayan app !rasit
Jan 20, 20223,800th sayan app !rasit
Dec 24, 20213,700th sayan app !rasit
Nov 24, 20213,600th sayan app !rasit
Oct 20, 20213,500th sayan app !rasit
Sep 20, 20213,400th sayan app !rasit
Sep 12, 2021Thanks to Oren for creating a user guide for VHA!User Guide
Aug 10, 20213,300th sayan app !rasit
Jul 6, 20213,200th sayan app !rasit
Jun 4, 20213,100th sayan app !rasit
May 6, 20213,000th sayan app !rasit
Apr 8, 20212,900th sayan app !rasit
Mar 8, 20212,800th sayan app !rasit
🎉Feb 20, 2021v3.1.0Fasali:
  • Remote control (use phone or tablet with the app)
  • Support MPV video player
  • extract FPS and sort by it
  • times played filter
Gyaran bug:
  • scanning remote drives is fast and without error
  • Mac copy/paste works
  • some more minor bugfixes
If you purchased the app before, visit my.videohubapp.com
Feb 14, 20212,700th sayan app !rasit
Jan 19, 20212,600th sayan app !rasit
Dec 28, 20202,500th sayan app !rasit
Dec 7, 20202,400th sayan app !rasit
Dec 2, 20202,300th sayan app !rasit
🎉Nov 30, 2020v3.0.0Fasali:
  • More than one input / source folder per hub
  • 'Watch folder' live for updates
  • Bottom tray with Word cloud, Recently played, Details and other tabs
  • Set custom keyboard shortcuts
  • Single / double click mode toggle
  • Many more smaller features
Gyaran bug:
  • Too many to list
If you purchased the app before, visit my.videohubapp.com
Nov 10, 20202,200th sayan app !rasit
Oct 9, 20202,100th sayan app !rasit
Aug 30, 20202,000th sayan app !rasit
Jun 26, 20201,900th sayan app !rasit
Jun 1, 20201,800th sayan app !rasit
May 29, 20201,700th sayan app !rasit
🎉May 15, 2020v2.2.3Fasali:
  • Batch tagging
  • Details view 2
  • Quick file rename
  • Sort by number of tags or aspect ratio
  • Show default thumbnail in clip view option
  • Check for new release button in settings
Gyaran bug:
  • Save settings when closing via menu bar / taksbar
Everyone who has ever purchased the app (1600+ people) will receive a download link in their email shortly.
May 3, 20201,600th sayan app !rasit
Apr 14, 20201,500th sayan app !rasit
Mar 22, 20201,400th sayan app !rasit
🎉Mar 3, 2020v2.2.0Fasali:
  • Create playlist from current view
  • Folders can be sorted by 'last modified'
  • Folders with single video show larger preview
  • and many more smaller ones
Gyaran bug:
  • no more crashing when extracting videos
  • more robust screenshot extraction
  • better algorithm for automatic tags
  • and many more smaller ones
Everyone who has ever purchased the app (1300+ people) will receive a download link in their email shortly.
Feb 19, 20201,300th sayan app !rasit
🎉Jan 27, 2020v2.1.0Fasali:
  • Touch Bar support
  • Fuzzy search 🔍
  • pick default thumbnail
  • right-click delete file option
  • and many more smaller ones
Gyaran bug:
  • better success extracting screenshots
  • better detection of correct video resolution
  • and many more smaller ones
Everyone who has ever purchased the app (1200+ people) will receive a download link in their email shortly.
Jan 16, 20201,200th sayan app !rasit
Dec 19, 20191,100th sayan app !rasit
Nov 15, 20191,000th sayan app !rasit
Oct 20, 2019900th sayan app !rasit
🎉Oct 18, 2019v2.0.0Fasali:
  • Tags 🎉 add your own tags to any video
  • Choose number of screenshots per video
  • Sheet view: view every screenshot from a video
  • Optionally extract video clip preview
  • Folder navigation
  • Sort by date added, number of times played, star rating, file size,file name
  • Replace any video thumbnail by dropping an image over the preview
  • Option to open video from the screenshot you click
  • Duplicate finder
  • Hub statistics
  • Options menu grouped into sections
  • Translations in 14 languges
  • Remember window size after app closes
  • Many bugfixes
  • and more 🚀
Thank you all for your patience. Everyone who has ever purchased the app (850+ people) will receive a download link in their email shortly.
Aug 26, 2019800th sayan app !rasit
Jul 7, 2019700th sayan app !rasit
May 20, 2019600th sayan app !rasit
Mar 21, 2019500th sayan app !rasit
Jan 21, 2019400th sayan app !rasit
Dec 2, 2018Video Hub App is now open source! If you're a developer and would like to contribute to the project or just see the code:GitHub
Nov 17, 2018300th sayan app !rasit
Aug 26, 2018200th sayan app !rasit
Jul 24, 2018100th sayan app !rasit
Jul 22, 2018Video Hub App is on ProductHunt!ProductHunt
Jul 4, 2018YouTube video for the app!YouTube
🎉May 14, 2018v1.3.0Fasali:
  • Auto tagging
  • Manual tagging
Linux version is available!
🎉Apr 24, 2018v1.2.0Fasali:
  • Rename file
  • Show similar
🎉Apr 8, 2018v1.1.0Fasali:
  • Resolution filter
  • Resize app user interface
Gyaran bug:
  • Rescan folder works
  • Save settings on exit
  • Remove screenshots for videos no longer in library
🎉Feb 20, 2018v1.0.0Initial release. Windows and Mac versions released as demo. App is now available for purchase.